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Advantages of drinking water


The advantages of drinking water are vital for a healthy body, water regulates all the functions of the body. Thirst is not a good indicator of a body in need of water, the body can be dehydrated before you become thirsty and it can start to conserve water by shutting down parts of the body to conserve what little water it has.

Over time and without adequate clean drinking water, the body is unable to repair itself and the damage becomes permanent. Doctors propose that most of our health problems stem from chronic dehydration. Health issues like osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer, coronary heart disease, migraines, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disease, obesity are among the many conditions he links using clearly defined physiological processes. Clearly the advantages of drinking water are of vital importance to the body.

The advantages of drinking water in the body are that, clean water is responsible for maintaining an acid-alkaline balance by circulating through the cells washing out the acidity and maintaining an alkaline interior. When the body becomes more acidic some nerve endings are irritated sending signals to the brain of a chemical change, the mind interprets this as pain not that the body is thirsty. The body can cry out for water in many subtle ways not just through feeling thirsty, it is essential to maintain a sufficiently hydrated body with clean drinking water. But not just any water steam distilled water is the finest water you can put into your body.
Let’s take a look at arthritis, according to medical science there is no cure for arthritis, it is partially caused by mineral deposits in the joints, X-rays will show the mineral deposits clearly. These deposits crystallize to irritate the joints as they move causing severe pain and swelling. Since the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of MINERAL SOLIDS found in hard water during a life span, it is logical to assume that these inorganic minerals were slowly deposited in the joints through the years, causing arthritis. The advantages of drinking water especially Nature® WATER can dissolve these mineral deposits keeping you agile and pain free.

THERE IS A CURE FOR ARTHRITIS - Paavo O. Airola, ND states in one of his books. He reports of a case in Brandals clinic in Sweden, of a farmer so crippled with arthritis he could hardly move his arms or legs, twelve years of conventional treatments did nothing to help his case. After just one month of treatment at the clinic he showed substantial improvement and was able to move his arms and legs pain free and soon after was able to return to work on his farm.

The treatments were live fruit and vegetable juices, fasts and warm baths with gentle massage, juiced fruits and vegetables are distilled water with ORGANIC minerals in them, which the body can use. A point to remember hard water carries INORGANIC minerals into the body distilled water carries them out and juiced fruits and vegetables are distilled water with ORGANIC minerals in them that are essential for the body.

If you suffer from arthritis along with juicing fruits and vegetable you should drink plenty of distilled water, also you can add one or two tablespoons or more of RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to a gallon of steam distilled water which will do wonders for the body and its joints.

The advantages of drinking water on the body are of vital importance to its health, it is so important to drink clean water especially steam distilled water.

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