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Steps involved...

Empty Bottle Inspection

Empty bottle is physically inspected so that its free form dust, paint and appears neat and clean. Then the empty bottle is sniffed for any bad or fowl smell. Any bottle found contaminated with smell or dirt is taken out of the system and disposed.

Outer Wash System

The empty bottle is thoroughly washed in a fully automatic outer washer machine which ensures that the bottle is clean and shining.

Multistage Inner Wash System

The bottles are then washed thoroughly from inside in a fully automatic hands free bottle washing system. This different stages are as follows:

  • 1st Step : Washing with detergent
  • 2nd Step : Washing with hot water at 70 degree centigrade
  • 3rd Step : Washing with antibacterial disinfectant
  • 4th Step : Pre-Final wash
  • 5th Step : Ozonated purified water
Water Treatment Process

  • Source Water or Raw Water : Raw water is received from KDA which is tested in our in-house lab for specific parameters.
  • Sand Filtration : The 1st Step of pre-filteration process is sand filter which removes dust and suspended particles.
  • Carbon Filter : The 2nd Step of Carbon Filter absorbs smell producing compounds and polishes the water.
  • Water Softener : The last step of pre-filtration is water softener where water is passed through resins to remove its hardness and gives it a distinctive taste.
Reverse Osmosis

This pre-filtered water is passed through the most modern and state of the art R.O Process. This advanced purification system removes all dissolved particles including 99% bacteria.

Dozing of Mineral Through Auto Dozer

Essential minerals are added to ensure an optimum balance of minerals in water to ensure a healthy life of our customers. These are (1) Magnesium (2) Calcium (3) Bicarbonates. We use high quality pure Merck Salt for mineralization. Nature’s unique mineral formulation is made to provide our valued consumers a soft bottled water of maximum purity with low sodium contents.

Ozonation – Double Oxygen

Powerful Bacteria Elimination technique is applied in 3 stages:

  • Product Tank
  • Bottle Filling Station
  • Bottle Washing Stage

Specially imported equipment which converts O2 to O3 that is Ozone. Ozone is a powerful gas which is captured in a sealed bottle and helps in eliminating bacteria immediately. It also enhances the shelf-life of the product, as it avoids the future growth of bacteria.

Filling & Capping Station

Clean bottle is shifted to the filling station where ozonated drinking water is filled in an aseptic hands free environment at the speed of 600 bottles per hour. Bottle is filled and capped in a fully automated machine.

Product Labelling

Caped bottle is coded with batch number manufacturing date and expiry date. This process helps as to trace our product at the customer end.

Visual Check of Filled Bottles

Filled bottles are physically inspected for cleanliness and ensures free from foreign particles. Filled bottles are kept for 48 hours for observation and testing before it is released in the market. Quality Control Department conducts chemical and microbiological testing during observation period and after due clearance it is sent to the customers.

Product Storage

Ozonated water is stored in hygienic and storage tanks mae from food grade material. Stored ozonated water is then filled in bottles.

Pakistan Standards Safe Drink Swiss Certification SGS

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