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offer a clean and healthy drinking water in a package of 19-litre bottles. 

offers fresh drinking water directly to your home or office. Nature Water Delivery Services is a convenient way to provide quality, fresh water for your family or employees.

will provide your family's drinking water source or your office's water cooler.

  • Quiet, Air cooled, Static condenser
  • 3 Litre, stainless steel, cold water tank
  • Active LED temperature displays
  • Push type, high impact, taps
  • Cooling compartment

More benefits to this are:

  • Better tasting Nature Water at the push of a button.
  • Enjoy hot and cold water for drinking or making coffee, teas, hot beverages, powdered drinks and soups.
  • You may save money versus buying single-serve bottled water.
  • Free up valuable refrigerator space.
An inexpensive dispensing option for bottled water companies. The chrome stand sits neatly on a bench in a home or office environment. The "cap tap" dispenses water as required.  
  • Certified Lead Free
  • 2.5 Gallon Capacity
  • No Drip Lever Faucet
For more information on Nature Water Delivery Services, your local Nature Water Man can recommend the right solution for you.


  • An inexpensive office perk for employees.
  • Great tasting water in your home for your whole family.
  • Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water for soups, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • Reverse osmosis filtered water—the most advanced water filtration technology.
  • The convenience of no permanent installation—simply plug in the cooler and add a bottle of water.
  • Multiple temperature controls—cold, room-temperature and hot water (optional).

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Pakistan Standards Safe Drink Swiss Certification SGS

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