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Nature Water Delivery Services

offers free delivery to all its valued customers.

As customer satisfaction is our key ingredient(s), at we do our very best to ensure that each customer is being catered to.

That is why Nature Water provides free delivery to your doorstep!!

And having one of the biggest delivery vehicle fleet in the Pakistan makes it easy for us to deliver on our promise.

In order to keep our delivery system running smoothly and in order to ensure that you get your delivery on time, we have established a route planning system. All our customers are assigned a route, a delivery day and a delivery sequence with enable us to keep accurate track of our vehicles at all times and snsure that we stick to our delivery deadlines

As a customer, this gives you peace of mind knowing that your deliveries will take place on time, ervery time.


Cooler Sanitization

Why is cooler sanitization important?

The water cooler represents the point where the bottles water becomes exposed to the environment. Once the bottle installed on the cooler, the water quality becomes influenced by the condition of the cooler and its surrounding environment.

The reason that cooler manufactures and authorities advise cooler sanitization is that the bacteria grow on surfaces of the reservoirs / containers in a thin layer, called the biofilm. Rubber-like materials used in o-rings, gaskets and seals are the most likely to developing boifilm. Once a boifilm is produced, it acts as a protective layer for the bacteria, allowing them to grow and contaminate the clean water. It is therefore important to control the normal bacteria in a water cooler and avoid formation of biofilms. This is done through a regular program of cleaning and sanitization of the water.


Cooler Sanitization

To achieve maximum hygiene, recommends that you clean your cooler regularly and sanitize your cooler al least once a year. When cleaning your cooler is important that you focus on the parts that are most prone to contaminated part of the cooler because that is the one part touched by every user of the cooler.

Here are 2 helpful cleaning tips that recommends you follows on a regular basis.

Cleaning Plastic Parts – Periodic cleaning of drip trap, faucet paddles and top of the cooler are recommended. To clean plastic parts, use liquid soap and warm water, Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Drip tray should be used for disposing unwanted beverages.

Cleaning Cabinet Exterior – The cooler exterior can be cleaned with liquid soap and warm water. Make sure the washed parts are rinsed thoroughly and all soap residues are removed. (do not us abrasive cleaners which can scratch surfaces)

How we do it...

  • Technician to wash his hands before proceeding.
  • Remove 5 gallon bottle from the cooler.
  • Drain water in Hot and cold tanks by removing the purge screw located at the back of the cooler and through all cooler taps.
  • Clean all the surfaces of the cooler,
  • Open the top cover of the cooler, remove taps and drip trays and proceed cleaning the removed parts.
  • Remove the waterguard and baffle and wash thoroughly with water.
  • Using the clean wipe, scrub in interior of cooler reservoir.
  • Apply steam to the cold tank thoroughly until sufficient water is evacuated through the faucets.
  • Allow steam to pass through the cooler for the length of time required to emerge through faucets outlet.
  • Replace baffle, waterguard and top cover of the cooler and apply steam.
  • Replace faucets, drip trays and close the purge orifice.
  • Replace fresh water bottle on the dispenser and drain approximately on the liter of water.

Bottle installation on your water cooler...

  • Wash the hands through properly before touching the water bottles.
  • Make sure no cross contamination is effected by human hands contact.
  • Wipe the top and neck of the new with a paper towel or with clean cloth.
  • Use to remove the sleeve and sticker around the bottleneck and top of the cooler.
  • Make sure that the top of the waterguard is clean.
  • Flip the bottle onto the top of the waterguard and place it gently. Try not to drop the bottle harshly as it may damage the spike within the waterguard.

I know my weekly delivery day, but I forgot to leave my bottles and coupons outside. What should I do?

A: Email customer service before noon with the customer code and the number of bottles required to request an extra delivery. Call Customer Service at

Alternatively, you can email us at

If you call or email before noon, you will receive your extra delivery the same day. Calls and emails received after 12:00 will ber delivered the next business day(Monday – Saturday)

I am not at home when my delivery arrives and I do not want to leave cash outside. Is there an alternative?

A: you can use coupons to pay your water which is safer then leaving cash. You can ask for coupons to be delivered to your home or office and use them for your home delivery.

My cooler is leaking, what should I do?

A: Remove the bottle from the cooler and drain the water out through the taps. Place the bottle back on the cooler. It is still leaking call Nature Water Customer Service who will sent you cooler technicians to assist you.

Can you send me your water specification?

A: Yes, simply send an email with your request to

Thirsty?  We are here for you

A: Customers service has always been at the once of Nature Water culture. Since servicing the customer is paramount, we ensure that customers receive the care and attention they deserve. The company has set up four modern call center that serve customers six days a week. Our trained Customer Service Agents are ready to serve you in English or Urdu.

Using customer relationship Management software developed in-house as well as state of the art call centre equipment to meet the specific needs of Nature Water customers, the call center staff is able to promptly action orders, handle enquiries and service customer needs in a friendly and helpful manner.

Your opinions matter to us and we are thirsty for your feedback! Our call center is ready to answer any of your questions.

Pakistan Standards Safe Drink Swiss Certification SGS

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