Water quality report/certifications

  • ISO – 22000 FMSS
  • PSQCA (online verification possible)
  • In house lab accredited ISO 22000 & PNAC (under process)
  • Fully automatic plant and bottling system in a hand free environment.

Ozonation therapy/ Purification process


The process includes chlorination, sedimentation, coagulation, filtration through multimedia cartridge filter, and addition of anticipants.

Reverse osmosis (RO):

This process is completed in two steps.

  1. Pretreated water is pumped to the RO 1 plant that removes total dissolved solids along with undesired agents.
  2. RO 2 plant: RO 1 water is pumped to the RO 2 plant, which removes 99.98% of total dissolved solids.

Mineralization and the addition of ozone:

Health minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium Merck made in Germany) are added in water to make the salts balanced. In addition, ozone has excellent disinfection and oxidation properties that make water free from pathogens.

Washing of Bottles:

Sniffing and physical inspection:

All received bottles, either used or new, are first properly checked and physically inspected for any suspicious material.

Pre Inner Washing Machines:

These bottles are washed with antibacterial detergent to remove any slimy layer and to provide a surface area for the sanitizing agent to work more effectively.

The outer washing machine

The machine is used for the external washing of bottles to remove mud and dust and the process is carried out with brushes and freshwater.

Inside the washing machine

This machine consists of four stages:

Stage 1 (washing with anti-bacterial solution)

Stage 2 (washing with the sanitizing agent)

Stage 3 (sanitizing agent washing)

Stage 4 (washing with ozonized water)

Printing of caps:

Each cap after disinfection is placed on the bottle; this is printed with the batch number, shift manufacturing date, expiry date, and manufacturing time.

Around the neck, seal:

After capping, neck sealing is carried out with heaters to ensure safety and sanitization of the product.