Story of a successful National Brand

We started our successful journey as a plant on May 27th, 2002. Nature Water expanded its overall business operations and branches by achieving multiple milestones in the “19-litre-bottle market” within a short period of time. Nature healthy life is the first national brand that aims to provide international standards of quality and has a vision of providing top-quality drinking water with affordability and accessibility. Throughout this phase, they adopted the strategy of “high-quality water & affordability” with fast work-flow methodology. Nature Water is a rapidly growing brand in the bottled water industry that excels in the corporate sector as well as the residential sector and believes in strengthening a healthy lifestyle.


To provide our customers with the best value-added products for their health through a state-ofthe-art processing facility, constant improvement, and excellence.


We are known to provide pure water, Nature Water comes with a vision of “quality for everyone.” Our goal is to supply healthy water and to provide our customers with the most highgrade services. Nature itself is a sign of purity and has its self-operated distribution network, comprising of different centers with well-trained staff and professional vehicles through which we deliver all over Karachi. We are the fastest growing brand in the Pakistani bottled water industry and are in the process of expansion of our network facilities.


  • Embracing excellence, TQM is our business.
  • Working as a professional team with fairness and honesty
  • Focus on quality and earn the loyalty of the customer.

Our drinking water:

Every drop of drinkable water in every bottle goes through a strict quality control process. That way, we can ensure it satisfies our strict safety requirements while also tasting great. We deal in the corporate sector as well as the residential sector.

What is purified water?

Our water is sourced from deep underground wells. After that, it passes through our 14-step quality assurance procedure. This indicates that it meets the strict requirements for bottled water. And you can count on the same crisp, clean taste from bottle to bottle

Minerals have been added for taste.

Any drinking water’s mineral content is tested carefully to see which minerals are present. To give nature’s healthy life pure and clean water its distinct, pleasant taste, we add a light blend of minerals to the water.

Our 14-step quality assurance procedure

Our water goes through 14 stages from collecting to testing so you can enjoy its pleasantly crisp flavor every time.

Ready to serve during the crises of the country?

We here at Nature Water are also extremely concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan and its dreadful effects on our society. Due to this global pandemic, people are taking extra precautions, and hence, definitely should not compromise on the quality of their drinking water either. Although it is difficult to divert our attention from this unfortunate situation, it is important to get closer to our primary needs. Nature Water brings you healthy drinking water along with all the GMPs and takes all the precautions mentioned below:

PMDC recommends a respiratory infection test for staff.

• Training of hand washing & hand sanitizing

• Cleaning underground tanks until they are full

• Cleaning of accessories and machines (CIP)

• Bottle sanitization

• Monitoring the personal hygiene of employees on a daily basis

• Specific washed uniforms and slippers provided by the company.

• Face masks, gloves and head covers

• Hand sanitizers.

• Medicated hand wash

• Area monitoring/fumigation